Meet the Band

 Gary Haseley - Keyboard / Vocal

Gary has played keys since 1966, first on the accordion, then piano.  He has been gigging regularly in one form or another since that time.  Bands have included The Boys in the 80's, and Otto Day and the Nites, since '99. Today, in addition to his keyboard and vocal work with Vinyl Groove, Gary also continues to play with Otto Day and The Nites as well as playing numerous solo piano shows for just about any function imaginable.

     Bob Mittnacht - Guitar / Vocal

Bob’s interest in music can be best traced back to that Sunday night in February of 1964 when The Beatles invaded America through television sets across the country on the Ed Sullivan show.  His first band, Myst was formed with some high school friends during the late 60’s and early 70’s.  This group, with some line-up changes, evolved into a follow-up group, “Mad Hatter.”  Both bands dabbled in original music along with the blues, rock and pop covers of the day.  Some of the other groups Bob played with over the years included Centerline, Fly By Night, Network, Lavish Means, Beam and The Schwags, covering a wide spectrum of musical styles.  Career highlights from this period included numerous Summerfest performances and opening a string of tour dates for Badfinger.

As it goes in the band business however, none of these groups ever seemed to stay together long enough to release any of the original material that was written and recorded.  This lead to Bob’s decision to put together his own band in early 2006, Bob Mittnacht and The Crowning Glories.   With a catalog of Bob’s original songs, they spent the summer of 2006 recording their debut album at Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin with Brandon Mason (Norah Jones, Bono, David Bowie, Tim McGraw and Joan Baez) handling the engineering and mixing duties.  Bob has been playing regularly with his band including opening for The Blasters, Fastball and Chris Difford from Squeeze.  He has also played solo shows throughout the U.S. and in London, England.

Doing double-duty playing with his own band and Vinyl Groove since early 2010, has been a whole lot of fun for Bob.  Vinyl Groove allows him to cut loose on the guitar and dig into some really nice vocal harmonies, while playing some of the greatest songs from the early days of his musical career.

     Bob Norman - Guitar / Vocals

Bob started playing guitar at 12 years old, and formed a number of bands throughout his school years.  None of them were ever well known outside of the area, but it was great fun and it kept him out of too much trouble.  

He started teaching guitar at the local music store and the area college at about 16.  He continued teaching and playing until he realized that he needed to support himself and music wouldn’t pay the bills.  He got himself a real job and stopped performing for a long time. After his children left the house he returned to the stage in 1997 and took on a regular gig that lasted over 12 years playing lead guitar with Finbar McCarthy and Friends. They played at numerous pubs and festivals from Ohio to Colorado and released two CDs. 

He released a collaborative album in 2004 that featured a number of local musicians under the name Kelley-Norman-Nestler and is working on another CD of original music.

Today Bob is enjoying a return to his rock and roll roots after taking the lead in organizing the jam sessions that led to the birth of Vinyl Groove.   

        Mark "Mopey" Wildhagen - Drums 

Mopey has been a part of the Rock music scene in Port Washington and SE Wisconsin since the early '60's.  He was an integral part of the '70's Power Rock trio Rusty Tumblin',  which toured the Midwest, along with other area bands of the day.

Mopey has never stopped playing the drums throughout the years, but with Vinyl Groove hitting full stride, he now finds himself in his element like never before.  With his high energy drumming and outgoing stage personality, he makes Vinyl Groove a band everyone can easily relate to and enjoy almost as much as he does. 

     Kevin Polster (K.P.) - Bass / Vocals

       Kevin Polster (K.P.) has been playing bass and singing since the 6th grade or 40+ years when you do the math.   His early influences were the Big Band swing jazz bands through High School and College but Kevin has played everything from Punk to Pop to Polka.   Kevin hit the road with a few rock bands from the big hair and Spandex 1980’s then continued through the matching outfit with skinny tie lounge acts of the 1990’s.

In 1997 Kevin Founded the variety rock band Roswell Conspiracy and led that band for almost 2 decades.   More recently he has played with Dante’s Bop, now called Jerry and Nora with the Review.   A highlight of that group was recording several original music CD’s at the famous Sun Studio in Memphis.  The Jack Damage Band followed.   That band was a Robin Trower/ SRV/Jimi Hendrix cover band and was a lot of fun while it lasted.  Currently Kevin also performs with Schmidty and the Troubadours and with the Praise band at Shepherd of the Hills Church in Richfield.

Kevin says, "I am excited to be playing with the great bunch of guys in Vinyl Groove and looking forward to meeting all the wonderful people who come to see the band."